Decorating Your Kids Rooms, When Blue & Pink Aren’t Enough

Decorating Your Kids Rooms Chalkboard PaintBlue and pink are just the beginning, but there’s a lot more to decorating your kids rooms in a way that they’ll appreciate and enjoy. There are so many easy exciting things you can do to match rooms with personalities, while helping to teach your kids about organization and cleaning. Any of the ideas on our kids room decorating list will help you create a space both you and your kids will love, a room that’s clean and one that feels like it’s all about them.

Decorating Your Kids Rooms With Paint
Obvious Solution: Paint the rooms their favorite color, and enlist their help. Nothing like playing favorites and developing a good sense of accomplishment, right? And their tastes will change as they get older, there’s no reason their room should still be pink when they turn 13!
More Fun: Paint one of the walls with chalk board paint. Provide a handful of colorful chalk and your kids will be able to express their imagination for years to come. As they grow up and their interests change, they’ll always be able to start with a clean slate. Chalkboard paint cleans up easy (literally wipes or washes off anything!) and provides endless entertainment.
And Finally: While we’re on the subject of painting, try using neutral colors such as grays and whites, then add a DIY back drop relating to something like your child’s interests or the area where you live. Skyscrapers, trees, mountains, unicorns, sports cars, Disney… there’s no limit to the fun you can create. For peace of mind, try making their back drop something you enjoy looking at as much as your child. Not up to painting a back drop? Easy… buy stencils or even pre-cut graphics online, check Pinterest for ideas and Amazon for supplies.

Decorating Your Kids Rooms ArtworkDecorating Your Kids Rooms With Art
Obvious Solution: Pay a few bucks to have artwork they’ve created in school or during free time framed and hang it on their wall. A gallery wall of their own artwork is a super cool way to please them.
More Fun: Create meaningful decorations that pertain distinctly to them. Use wood panels to paint an inspirational quote, something fun they like to say… or something you often say to them. Or how about making a sequence of signs with your children’s birth stats or other life milestones. Just do your best to make them personable. Again, make something that will make you smile until your child is old enough to appreciate it too.

Decorating Your Kids Rooms With Furniture
Obvious Solution: Children love to be as independent as possible from a young age. There are ways to let them show their independence without worry. With a futon bed, they can sit back on their very own couch like mommy and daddy and then when the night comes, make their couch into their big kid bed. Adding a futon to your kids rooms isn’t a complex or original idea, but it’s something that will help your children feel independent and grown up. Plus, a futon could prove to be incredibly practical as they get older.
More Fun: Children outgrow their clothes and toys fast. This can definitely clutter their room just as quickly as they grow. Add extra space and give them a “grown-up” way to organize their things with a bed that has a set of drawers underneath. Help them label the drawers with paint, stickers or special hardware. There are hundreds of new beds for kids rooms with built-in drawers, but you don’t necessarily need to buy a new bed. If you’re handy, craft your own DIY drawers that will fit under their bed. More practical yet, try shopping for plastic organizers or low rise shelving from any retailer, and do it the easy way. Organized under bed shelving will help train your children to be organized and help you keep their room clean. Win – win.
And Finally: Shelving! Install a fun book shelf in the shape of something your child enjoys or paint existing shelving to match their interests and tastes. Removing clutter is a must when it comes to decorations your kids rooms. Use a book shelf to stack and store toys and games when your kids are young, then start stacking their favorite books and movies as they grow older. This is such an easy thing to do and it can be another fun way to teach clean up.

No matter how you go about decorating your kids rooms, think outside the box. Don’t let your child be the only one using their imagination in your house. There’s something so satisfying about looking at your child’s room and knowing you had a hand in making it fun for you and them. And clean! You certainly don’t have to make everything by hand, but a few homemade things here and there with will definitely make an impact on your child’s imagination for the future and prove to be a sentimental anchor in your home for years to come.

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