Outdoor Barbecue Trends We Love

outdoor barbecue trends

More Americans are taking advantage of their outdoor living space than ever before — especially in the summer months. Barbecue fanatics, in particular, know that plenty of  grilling space is essential for the perfect backyard experience. These are only some of the many outdoor barbecue trends we are loving right now.

1) Blend indoor and outdoor living

One barbecue trend that is becoming increasingly popular is blending indoor and outdoor living styles into one area. People are investing in backyards that are welcoming, comfortable and fit for entertainment. Before remodeling for the perfect summer barbecue pit, think about the entire environment and area surrounding the grill as well.

2) Include an easy-to-use smoker

Keep it simple. In your next outdoor kitchen remodel include an easy-to-use smoker. Backyard smoking is becoming a favorable trend by many families in America, and the variety of meats you can cook with them are endless.

3) Install a fire pit

A trend that continues to be popular in outdoor kitchens and patios alike are fire pits. Consider building a backyard fire pit to roast marshmallows or grill hotdogs with the kids this summer. Whether you are remodeling or renovating the outdoor kitchen, you already have, Turner Homes can work with you to customize a fire pit ideal for your outdoor living space and budget.

4) Don’t forget the portable grill

Not all outdoor barbecue trends need to be permanent. Instead, we can design an outdoor living space that is flexible and works with a portable grill (or two). By building a patio or deck with an open layout, it allows grillers to move around and adjust barbecue placement depending on company.

5) Go high-tech with a smart barbecue

The Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing people to connect smart devices to homes—and similarly to your outdoor barbecue. The Huffington Post explains that SmartChef technology is creating new ways to use wireless thermometers and airflow regulators, connecting smokers and grills to people’s smartphones. With the help of technology you can fire up the grill and cook a perfect steak every time.

The key takeaways here are that people are getting tired of the plain hamburgers and one man grill. New barbecue trends are leaning toward more space to accommodate more types of cooking. Contact Turner Homes, and ask how we can remodel your outdoor grilling space today!

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