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Downsizing Knoxville Hanover Court

If you’ve considered downsizing to a smaller home, it’s likely not as difficult as you might think. Whether you have less time to attend to a large property than in the past, your kids have left home or you just have too much space around you and want something that fits your life better, downsizing is a great option. Downsizing your home might sound like a lot of time and work, but it can be very beneficial to your lifestyle and cost of living. There are communities all over Knoxville, which are a great fit for people interested in downsizing, like our Hanover Court community.

What should you look for when considering downsizing? Your main priority should be simply convenience. Look for a home that’s where you want to be, with close proximity to recreation, entertainment, family and friends. Open floor plans are easy to clean and maintain and available in many different sizes, so you can find exactly what you need. Investing in a new home with hardwood and tile floors and other modern features will help reduce your maintenance efforts. And single level or one level living is often preferable to home buyers who don’t want to deal with the hassle or wear on the body that comes from living in a multi-story home.

An added benefit of newer single level homes is that they tend to be much more energy efficient throughout the year. They are easier to heat and cool than larger, older or multi-story homes. And when it comes to energy efficiency, the newer the home, the better. By nature, new homes are going to have more efficient insulation, appliances and etc. vs older homes. But also, shop around. Some builders go to greater lengths than other to ensure that their homes are energy efficient. If an energy efficient home with single level living and an open floor plan is on your wish list, we invite you to learn more about our Hanover Court homes, which meet all 3 criteria for convenience, and are located in Farragut, near the corner of Watt Rd. and Old Stage Rd. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our Hanover Court homes are energy efficient, with 30-year roof shingles, gas heat with digital thermostat, R-13 and foam open-cell insulation and insulated garage doors.

Another important aspect to consider when downsizing is included amenities! Look for homes or neighborhoods that include landscape and lawn services! Lawn irrigation service is another plus. In many cases, maintenance and trash services may be included in new home communities, but do your research to make sure you won’t have to deal with anything unexpected. A true low-maintenance living experience comes from downsizing to a home or community where you don’t have to worry about the lawn, landscaping or trash.

Transitioning to a smaller home is getting easier than ever. There are new home communities across Knoxville well suited for downsizers. The toughest part of downsizing might be parting ways with stuff that you don’t have a need for anymore, like furniture, old clothes, or things that could go into storage. It will take some organization, but finding an easier to maintain home that’s perfect for you will make getting rid of your “stuff” a worthwhile effort!

There’s never been a better time to consider downsizing in Knoxville. The real estate market is red hot, so it should be easier than ever to make a quick sale of your current home, and at a good price. As for downsizing options, there are a variety of communities across Knoxville, which have built new homes specially suited for those desiring the things most sought after by downsizers. Good luck!

Downsizing In Knoxville?

If you’re interested in downsizing in Knoxville, we invite you to learn more about our Hanover Court community in Farragut, which was specifically designed with downsizers in mind.

And if you’re ready to start your search and begin the process of selling your home and buying a new home, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Woody Creek Realty for exceptional service and expertise.

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