Top Holiday Decor Trends for 2017

Holiday decor trends authentic tradition

With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve looked into holiday decor trends for 2017. The four most popular holiday decor trends this year feature bold, fun style, with an appreciation of nature and good ol’ handcrafting. They’re almost perfect for the Christmas season.

Holiday Decor Trends for 2017

Let’s take a look at the holiday decor trends that will sparkle this season…

Joyful Celebration With Precious Keepsakes

These holiday decor trends are largely inspired by childhood memories and precious objects from the past. Easily assembled by visiting a flea market, rummaging through storage or even visiting mom or grandma’s attic, this fanciful celebration of joy is a patchwork of materials, patterns and objects, guided by favorite fairy-tale characters and fun figures from years past. A rule of thumb for this one? As long as it makes you happy, it works! Check out these examples, including a simple display of precious keepsakes, a contemporary stick Christmas tree decoration adorned with old ornaments or DIY wall art comprised of random collectibles.

Holiday decor trends joyful celebration

Holiday decor trends wall art

Authentic Tradition With Natural Decor

These holiday decor trends are all about craftsmanship, natural shades and raw materials. According to Christmas World, the trade fair for holiday decor, “trends for 2017 represent a call to take advantage of Christmas and create some agreeable time for oneself. Therefore the return to making things by hand is a way to stop the ticking clock and enjoy in a happy and relaxed festive atmosphere.” And the folks at Christmas World might be on to something, there is a relaxing feeling that comes from an atmosphere comprised of natural elements, like raw wood, wreaths and cotton cloth. So how do you do authentic tradition? It’s easy. Try things like creating a centerpiece with twigs and pine needles from your yard or making accent pieces with gold painted pinecones or leaves. Not in the DIY spirit? No problem. Just about every major retailer features either real or faux natural decor for the holiday. Looking for somewhere to start? Visit a local décor or art store (Bliss, Mangos, Tuesday Morning, Snootie Patootie) then move on to chain stores like Kirkland’s, Pier 1, Home Goods or even Target.

Holiday decor trends authentic tradition

A Touch of Nature

Somewhat similar to natural decor, these holiday decor trends are inspired by natural themes dressed up in muted colors, fine materials and sensitive textures. Clouds, images of water, ice and soft sandy structures are all there to create a relaxing festive atmosphere that is delicate and airy. A gentle touch of nature is achieved through transparency and heavy usage of glass, ceramics and gold-coated metals, all offering a touch of nature. And again, you don’t have to create your own decor to participate in this popular trend. Wonderful ornaments, accents, artwork and more in this style are available at retailers everywhere.

Holiday decor trends touch of nature

Geometrical Chic

These eye-catching contemporary holiday decor trends takes inspiration from strong colors, geometric shapes and bold contrasts featured in modernism and modern art. Sculptural elements, architectural features and stylish combinations are joined together to create a powerful holiday theme. Keep an eye out this winter, as you’ll notice this geometrical decor trend in use everywhere by upscale establishments.

Holiday decor trends geometrical chic

Thanks for checking out our holiday decor trends for 2017.

However lavish or simple your holiday decorating may be, utilizing these trends will help you bring the beauty of the holiday to every corner of your home in a way that’s definitely in style. Want more? Easy. Just head over to Pinterest and search “holiday decor trends.” Happy decorating.

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