Buying Local For Our Community

Buying Local Farragut TN

Buying local really matters in our community, and it really matters to Turner Homes. Communities with a greater concentration of small, locally owned businesses have healthier populations — with lower mortality, obesity and diabetes rates — than do those relying more on large companies with absentee owners, according to a national study from Louisiana State and Baylor Universities. They also enjoy higher rates of civic engagement and sustain higher property values. Moreover, independent businesses consume less land, generate less traffic and infrastructure demands, and create a lighter environmental footprint in many other ways. Studies by the private research firm, Civic Economics and the non-profit ILSR both have shown dollars spent at local independent businesses in locally-owned property return, on average, $45 or more per $100 spent to the local economy, compared to just $14 or less for $100 spent at a national brand. By buying local, we can all ensure that three times as much money stays right here in our local economy.

At Turner Homes, we believe strongly in supporting the local community through buying local. All products and services involved in our homebuilding process are sourced locally whenever possible. Scroll to the bottom of the page to take a look at some of our local vendors, who provide the bulk of our construction supplies and services.

It’s not only what you can buy from Turner Homes; it’s what we can do together for the community. While many builders will ship in supplies at their lowest possible cost, from across the country or overseas, we value buying local, regardless of how it affects our margin. We believe in local labor and materials, and we’ll continue to support the community by building our homes with locally sourced products and services.

At Turner Homes, we want to leave our mark on the Knoxville community by building beautiful new communities and remodeling old homes to make them beautiful again, all with materials from right here in East Tennessee. It’s not about building homes or flipping houses, it’s about making our community strong. Sometimes our scruffy little town needs a shave and a haircut. Turner Homes – home grown and locally owned since 1971.

Locally owned and operated vendors, suppliers and service providers to Turner Homes:
84 Lumber (Knoxville) – lumber
Acme Block & Brick (Alcoa) – block, brick, pavers and veneers
Aqua Clear Water Systems (Knoxville) – water softeners, whole house filters, wells and drinking systems
Benjamin Moore Color Market & Bearden Decorating (Knoxville) – paint
Boral Building Products (Knoxville) – brick and masonry
Brooks Tile & Stone (Knoxville) – brick and tile services
Builders FirstSource (Knoxville) – lumber
Cedar Row Nursery (Knoxville) – landscaping
Cella Design (Knoxville) – flooring products and installation
Chancey & Reynolds (Knoxville) – HVAC contractors
Christmas Lumber Company (Knoxville) – lumber
Clinton Glass (Knoxville) – glass
Dempster Poured Foundations – foundations
Diversified Enclosures & Screen (Sevierville) – awning, patio, deck
Early Bird Painters (Lenoir City) – painters
East Tennessee Lighting & Electrical (Knoxville) – electricians
European Fine Hardwood Floors (Knoxville – flooring
Farmer Garage Door Company (Knoxville) – garage doors
Floor & Decor Knoxville (Knoxville) – flooring
FML Painting (Knoxville) – painters
Foam Works of East Tennessee (Knoxville) – insulation
Foothills Fence (Maryville) – fencing
Friedman’s Appliances (Knoxville) – appliances
HCS Mechanical Contractors (Knoxville) – HVAC contractors
HIS Security (Knoxville) – security systems
Home Works of East Tennessee (Knoxville) – finishing products, home accessories
Iron Doors Unlimited (Loudon) – iron doors
J & J Ornamental Iron & Fabrication (Maynardville) – iron fabrication
Kitchen Sales Inc. (Knoxville) – kitchen/bath lighting, fixtures, counters, appliances
Knoxville Stone Interiors (Knoxville) – countertops
Natural Roots Landscaping (Knoxville) – landscaping
Noland (Knoxville) – kitchen/bath supply
North Knox Siding & Windows (Knoxville) – siding, windows
Owens & Hinshaw (Knoxville) – electricians
Pinnacle Construction & Fine Woodworking (Knoxville) – carpentry
Pinnacle Land Surveying (Knoxville) – surveyors
Pipe Doctor (Andersonville) – plumbing
Stokes (Knoxville) – lighting
Tailored Living (Knoxville) – closet, garage, home organization
Tindell’s Building Materials (Knoxville) – lumber, stone and more
US Architectural Millwork (Knoxville) – doors, moulding, stairs, lumber
Urban Electric (Knoxville) – electricians
Van Tyler Excavating (Knoxville) – excavators
Vanhooseco Precast (Loudon) – concrete construction, foundations
Village Termite & Pest (Knoxville) – pest control
Volunteer Lawn (Knoxville) – landscaping

Buying Local For Our Community

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