2017 Home Design Trends

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Home design trends start with cutting-edge architects, builders, and interior designers, then slowly make their way across the country and into millions of homes. As home design trends spread influence and gain wider interest, they often go mainstream, and become prevalent in many new builds. The economy, environment, local culture and demographics of the population often sway trends regionally or locally, but these trends have emerged in 2017, throughout the country. Take a look at our short list of top 2017 home design trends.

1. Functional Gathering Spaces
The societal shift to the faster pace of longer work days, busier schedules and more time spent with personal electronic devices and social media, combined with less people living near their family or where they grey up has caused many people to crave face-to-face interactions. The result is an increase in home designs, which offer an array of amenity spaces to serve this need. Larger open kitchens, which connect to main living spaces, larger rear decks with built in seating or communal features (fire pits, etc.) and the reemergence of front porches and recreation space at the front entry are great examples of top design trends that offer functional gathering spaces throughout the home.

2. Taupe Is In
White is still the most popular paint color for home interiors, because it’s so flexible and is offered in so many variations. And while white has been upstaged by gray in recent years, many home design trends are moving toward a warmer neutral, like taupe. In fact, paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams named “Poised Taupe” as its 2017 Color of the Year. Taupe celebrates what people love about gray as a neutral, but also brings in the warmth of a weathered, woodsy neutral and a sense of coziness. There’s something people find comforting about a warmer tone, and it has become very popular in new homes. Taupe is an intelligent alternative to white or gray, since it still performs as a neutral with other colors, cool or warm. Blending well with roofs, doors, window frames, and surrounding landscape — taupe is also turning up more on home exteriors, or on interior details such as kitchen cabinets, furnishings, and molding.

3. Playful Homes
Again, the societal shift to longer hours, less vacation time and constant work communication through electronic devices, has left many people wanting their homes to be a refuge or a place to unwind and get away from the stress of day-to-day life. As a result, home design trends favor spaces that encourage play for 2017. Large, private backyards are more revered than ever, with more and more people creating space for activities like badminton, croquet or more recently, bocce ball. Items like a wood burning pizza oven or outdoor bar area are examples of non-sports amenities, which are showing up more frequently outside new homes. And inside the home, the bonus room is bigger than ever. Room for a pool table, ping-pong or even a dedicated media room for enjoying movies and television is a trend that continues to increase in 2017.

4. Naturally Renewable, Warmer Surfaces
The pervasiveness of technology throughout homes has resulted in a corresponding desire for more tactile surfaces and materials that convey warmth, and home design trends now tend to bring a little more nature inside the home. Natural cork is a perfect expression of these needs, with the bonus of being low-maintenance. Other prevalent uses of renewable, warmer surfaces in 2017 include the comeback of natural wood finish floors and increase of things like exposed wood beams. Want proof that renewable is in? Look no further than furniture giant IKEA, and their massive selection of pieces and products featuring cork or natural wood finish.

5. More Personalized Spaces
With home prices continuing to escalate and more and more baby boomers downsizing to retire or cut costs, every inch of available space counts more than ever. And for younger homeowners, there’s a newfound societal acceptance of a more unique and personalized space, with less emphasis on “living like everyone else.” To make the best use of space for each resident and accommodate this need for an extension of personality through the home, home design trends are incorporating more of how clients want to live, rather than thinking about how people use space generically. More and more, designers and builders offer a greater variety in terms of layouts/floor plans, building materials, home systems, color palettes, and feature or furnishing choices, both in model homes and in houses staged for sale. Remember the days where almost every home featured a living room, formal dining room, kitchen and etc.? Those days are gone, as society has embraced the idea of a home that suits the lifestyle of the occupant. And as we mentioned previously, open spaces with room to play or gather are some of the most common exhibitions of personalized spaces in modern design trends.

6. Healthier Homes
Thanks to the emergence of information on the Internet, social media and a societal obsession with health, consumers have become increasingly aware of hazardous indoor environments. Homeowners are actively seeking healthy water supplies, purifiers, and HVAC systems, along with nontoxic paints and adhesives. Homebuilders have responded to this need by incorporating these fundamental home design trends in most new homes. Many builders have gone a step further, offering home amenities designed to aid relaxation and promote healthy sleep patterns, such as more natural light from windows and LED circadian or other specialty lighting.

7. Transforming Hearths
While we’re still speaking to health, the traditional wood-burning fireplace has lost some appeal as homeowners realize it’s less energy-efficient and can send more particulates into the air, negatively affecting those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Beyond health concerns, many people have found they just don’t want to invest the time or energy to make good regular use of a wood-burning fireplace or don’t have the space to sacrifice. A popular home design trend that continues in 2017 is that of homeowners switching out their wood-burning fireplaces with new gas models, which don’t create dust or particulates and take up less space in the home. Newer on the market and featured more often by builders recently are the ventless alcohol-burning fireplaces that can be placed almost anywhere and without costly construction. Another increasingly popular solution is to build a fireplace outdoors, where it can be enjoyed without the negative health consequences of a fire inside the home.

8. Counter Revolution
Much like granite did, quartz and quartzite are predicted to be kitchen favorites until another material comes along. Quartz counter tops are among the biggest home design trends for the kitchen in 2017. Laminate options that mimic stone, wood, distressed metal and concrete are also gaining in popularity. All of these counter options are less costly to acquire and install vs. granite, and because these counter tops are less porous than traditional stone, they’re also more resistant to stains and scratches. Who doesn’t like durability?

9. Office Anywhere
According to multiple studies, regular work-from-home time among the non–self-employed population has grown by more than 100% in the past decade. And it’s estimated that number will continue to grow at between 10 – 20% a year for the foreseeable future. As a result, increased emphasis on a functional home work space is a home design trend picking up steam in 2017. Due to the diminished size and highly transient nature of modern technology (i.e. slim laptops and tablets replacing massive desktop computers and etc.), there’s less need for a dedicated, separate office. In modern design, almost any area of a house can become a workplace, but the most functional ones incorporate built-ins and furnishings that serve a dual purpose. Designers and builders have moved away from a traditional office layout, and incorporated floor plans, which allow for a functional workspace in almost any room.

Thanks for taking a look at our short list of home design trends for 2017. Turner Homes strives to maintain quality throughout all of our home plans, while considering top home design trends equally with comfort and utilization. We offer dozens of floor plans, with hundreds of customizations, which allow each homebuyer to live in a home that’s unique and appeals to their individual lifestyle and preferences. If you’d like to learn more about our home building process or floor plans, contact us today for a free consultation.

2017 Home Design Trends

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