5 Benefits of Purchasing a Portfolio Home


Congratulations, you’re ready to start house hunting! You may be torn between the many home styles the market offers. From historic homes to new homes, different styles offer different advantages. In this blog post, we’re looking at the key benefits of purchasing a portfolio home.

First, what is a portfolio home? A portfolio home is specially designed and built as part of a builder’s signature development. These homes offer buyers a wide variety of customizable features that complement a development or community’s master plan. A team of experienced home specialists collaborate to create this master plan. This team includes experts in engineering, architecture, construction and design.

Let’s take a look at the five key benefits of selecting a portfolio home:

1. Shortened Timeline

If you are seeking a customized experience, but are concerned about the amount of time it would take to start from scratch – a portfolio home is a great option for you.  With a portfolio home, the builder has already selected the site and begun constructing the property, eliminating months from your timeline.

2. Easy Customization

Many buyers want to select features, layouts, finishes and fixtures that fit their personal style. With portfolio homes, experienced designers work to select options that complement and fit many different preferences. Those designers then work with the buyer to create a look and feel that matches their taste and lifestyle.

3. Experience Your Options in Advance

Many portfolio communities offer homebuyers the ability to walk-through a completed home that displays their design options. Experiencing a home before finalizing a decision can be very helpful if a buyer is unsure about which features, layout and colors are right for them. The buyer can also often make adjustments to other important aspects of the home, including cable hookups, light fixtures and outlets.

4. Flexible Designs to Match a Variety of Budgets

Portfolio homes don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. They allow homebuyers to work within their budget to create a custom experience. From lighting to appliances, this versatility means the homebuyer can mix and match selections. While portfolio homes typically offer many upscale features, the buyer can work with an experienced team to determine which areas they want to upgrade based on their budget.

5. Quality Work, Quality Service

Home builders that specialize in portfolio homes are committed to using quality materials and creating quality homes. These communities are designed to last, offering residents the home of their dreams they can enjoy for years to come. These builders seek to create a neighborhood that you and family can be proud of.

Turner Homes specializes in building designer portfolio homes that offer a strong sense of community, family-friendly neighborhoods and convenient locations near upscale dining, shopping and entertainment. Learn more about our developments below and contact us today to plan your dream home with our expert team.

Turner Portfolio Home Developments

Hanover Court

Black Forest

Highbury Park


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